Mara-Gai Katz has been working as a designer and collaborator with her clients for 25 years; the last 18 of them in Bozeman, MT. While many of her projects are in Montana, spread across the Gallatin, Madison and Ruby Valleys, her work has taken her to both coasts and throughout the American West.

Her early exposure to historic preservation influenced her work; many of her projects have a historic component. Living in Montana has allowed her to expand her restoration and preservation work to historic ranches and properties.

From 1995-2005, and 2010 – 2012, Mara-Gai taught as an Adjunct Professor in MSU’s Dept. of Architecture; her approach to practice is as an educator. She is a collaborator by nature, and seeks projects with clients who enjoy involvement. She works on a range of project types, including custom residences, residential remodels/additions, and historic restoration and preservation. She has served on the Board of Directors of several local and statewide preservation organizations.

Recent work has been inspired by compelling landscapes and high-tech and sustainable materials and strategies. She works comfortably with a range of aesthetics, both rustic and contemporary. Not given to a particular style, each project resonates with the voice of that client.




the StoneHorse Story...

The Stone Horse is a 23′ long cutter rig sloop, originally built in wood, and later versions in fiberglass. The designer was S. S. Crocker, a very well-known and well-respected American yacht designer, who published the design in 1931. It was available as sloop-rigged or as a ketch.

A boat yard a mile away from the beach I summered at as a child built the boats. They were distinctive in that they had a black hull and a terra-cotta sail, in a time when all the other boats featured white sails. I fell in love with the colors and the lines of this boat, and it was my first recollection of having an actual design thought.